Postdoctoral Researcher at the Centre des Politiques de la Terre

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Postdoctoral Researcher

The Centre des Politiques de la Terre is recruiting a full-time Post-Doctoral Researcher, for 12 months, starting on April the 15th, 2021.

Centre des Politiques de la Terre

The Centre des Politiques de la Terre (CPT), created in 2019 at the initiative of Université de Paris and Sciences Po, aims to respond to the scientific and political issues raised by the various diagnoses on the state of the planet. The growing effects of human activities on the major planetary equilibriums raise important political and social debates that require a rethinking of the contours of traditional academic disciplines and an approach that combines the natural sciences and the human and social sciences. Major cycles such as the water, carbon and nitrogen cycles; major telluric or climatic phenomena; and energy resources are all processes that, today, need to be rethought in their interactions with human activities (social, economic and political). The challenge is immense because it is no longer a question of describing processes long considered “natural” and thought within the strict framework of historically constituted disciplines, but of developing new ways of knowing and governing these socio-environmental phenomena while being part of a transformed relationship between science and society. Bringing together natural scientists and scientists from the social and human sciences, the Centre des Politiques de la Terre aims at multidisciplinary exploration of the earth system, socio-ecological transformations, and the Anthropocene, taking into account both local and global dynamics.

Research Project

The research project submitted by the candidate must propose an interdisciplinary study and contribute to the ambitions of the CPT. To do so, it has to fall within at least one of the research axes of the Centre des Politiques de la Terre:

  • Axis 1: Territories in motion;
  • Axis 2: Living beings and societies;
  • Axis 3: Global Health;
  • Axis 4: Instabilities and disasters;
  • Transverse axis: Science and citizenship

The candidate may contact one or more members of the CPT’s Bureau to develop his or her project.


The post-doctoral student should have a PhD in humanities (sociology, political science, geography, history, economics, anthropology, information and communication sciences, psychology, philosophy) or in natural sciences (earth sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics). He or she shall be fluent in both written and spoken English. Proficiency in French is not required for the candidate.


Position to be filled from April 15, 2021. Duration: 12 months.

Position located on the premises of the Centre des Politiques de la Terre (Bâtiment des Grands Moulins, 5 rue Thomas Mann, 75013 Paris).

Please send your application by January 11th, 2021, to Marko Tocilovac, the Centre’s Project Manager:

  • Your resume
  • Your research project (5 pages maximum)
  • Your thesis
  • Letters of recommendation are also welcome.

The application may be written in English or French. An audition will be organized in January 2021 for the selected candidates.