Yeonuk Kim

PhD Student

Research Interests


I am a member of UBC Ecohydro lab and working with Dr. Mark Johnson. My Ph.D. research focus is to evaluate human activities and climate change impacts on water cycle over tropical and sub-tropical South America. Particularly, I am interested in how land use change and water management alter terrestrial evaporation, and also precipitation by changing vapour input to the atmosphere (moisture recycling). For this research, I am using remote sensing data, micrometeorological data, land surface models, machine learning algorithms, and water footprint analysis.

Sub research themes:
1. Quantifying CO2, CH4, water, and energy fluxes between land and atmosphere using the eddy covariance technique.
2. Thermal and optical remote sensing for evapotranspiration
3. Community land model (CLM)
4. Wavelet and spectral analyses for time series data.
5. Machine learning algorithms

I received a B.S. in Rural Systems Engineering from Seoul National University, and then worked in the National Center for AgroMeteorology in Korea. Previously, I have research experiences in agricultural lands, temperate forests, and a peat bog ecosystem.

Selected Publications: Google scholar, ResearchGate
More info: Github, CV