Jamie McEvoy

Research Interests


Jamie McEvoy is an associate professor of geography at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT. She is currently on sabbatical as a Fulbright Scholar and will be a visiting scholar at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC (August through November 2021) and at the National Autonomous University in Mexico City (January through April 2022). Her sabbatical research will focus on identifying and evaluating the regulatory, institutional, cultural, and practical barriers and opportunities for natural water storage as a climate change adaptation strategy in a cross-national comparative case study of projects in British Columbia, Canada, Mexico City, and Baja California Sur, Mexico. Jamie earned her PhD in geography from the University of Arizona in 2013. Her research interests include water governance, climate change vulnerability and adaptation in the water sector, political ecology, science technology studies, and nature-society relations.

Jamie can be contacted at: jamie.mcevoy@montana.edu.
A list of recent publications is available on her MSU website or Google Scholar page: