Hughie Jones

Research Interests


Hughie Jones is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability - Ecohydrology Lab with Dr. Mark Johnson. His research focuses on using plant, water, soil and meteorological techniques to understand the impact of climate change and land/resource management on function and sustainability of agricultural, forest and aquatic ecosystems. A crucial aspect of his research includes public outreach and the communication of research findings to stakeholders in order to maximize the impact of the research he performs (e.g., first nations, farmers, governments). Currently, he leads the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation (ANSN) Climate and Lakes Project which is a community led project (Hughie is a full-status Indian member of ANSN) aimed to increase the capacity of ANSN to monitor climate change and document traditional knowledge regarding their traditional territory, culture and land-use. More specifically, the project team aims to understand 1) how climate impacts water quality and greenhouse gas emissions for two eutrophic lakes (Lac Ste Anne and Birch Lake, AB) located on ANSN, AB and 2) how climate change and environmental degradation has impacted Sioux people’s relationship with their traditional lands (through written, oral and video accounts).

As a child he enjoyed the forest in his back yard and always remembers wanting to be a scientist when he grew up. Hughie holds a BSc. Environmental and Conservational Sciences (2006) from the University of Alberta (Internship Program with the Climate Change Group – Northern Forestry Centre, Edmonton, AB). He received both his MSc. Soil Science (2014) and PhD. Soil Science (2019) under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Andrew Black with the Biometeorology and Soil Physics Group at the University of British Columbia (UBC) – Faculty of Land and Food Systems.