Cecilia Campero

Research Interests


Cecilia Campero is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow with adjunct positions in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. Cecilia’s work receives funding from the Chilean Government CONICYT.

She is a lawyer by training and an interdisciplinarian by design with a regional specialism in Latin America. She holds an MSc in Environment and Human Settlements from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and obtained her PhD in Architecture and Urban Studies from the same university in 2017. The overall aim of her work combines legal, economic and environmental geography with political ecology and indigenous studies. Areas of research include mining, water, governance, property, resource laws, local and regional development and indigenous rights.

Her work at UBC centres on exploring desalinated water markets/ governance in relation to the mining industry in Chile. Therefore, her study covers socio-environmental changes, impacts and risks and environmental policy and legal characteristics.