Carly joined the IRES team in Fall 2019 to work under the supervision of Dr. Claire Kremen. Carly is focused on solutions-based interdisciplinary environmental research, and has special interests in biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture and land management, and ecosystem services. She completed her undergraduate studies at Concordia University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecology (hons). Carly’s research experience broadly involves characterizing pollinator diversity in agroforestry systems, investigating the relationship between dragonfly physiology and biogeography, and defining the use of the carbon-climate response as a proxy for biodiversity change.

Carly is excited to join Dr. Kremen’s research team, and hopes to further develop her skills in interdisciplinary sustainability research here at IRES. Carly’s research with the Kremen Lab Group focuses on defining the pollinator efficiency and biodiversity-supporting capacities of incorporating managed native hedgerows and/or grassland set-asides into blueberry croplands in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Outside of research, Carly enjoys hiking, rock climbing, cooking, and political comedy podcasts.