Justin Huynh

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Justin Huynh

MSc Student

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Research Interests

Climate change, Energy, Environmental justice, First Nations and Resource Management, Mining


Justin Huynh (They/Them) is a MSc student, co-supervised by Dr. Milind Kandlikar and Dr. Nadja Kunz. Justin’s research focuses on the impact of mining on Indigenous communities in so-called “British Columbia, Canada”. Specifically, they aim to quantify the potential for these impacts to be exacerbated by a large-scale transition to low-carbon technologies. Justin hopes to integrate historical and political analysis of settler colonialism with GIS and remote sensing methods to support movements for Indigenous sovereignty and shift narratives away from purely technocratic solutions to climate and other ecological crises.

Outside of their research interests, Justin is a community organizer supporting migrant workers and anti-imperialist struggles. They also enjoy playing video games and outdoor recreational activities such as climbing and backpacking.