Internship Positions at Chilcotin Holidays and the Chilcotin Ark Institute

The aim of an internship is to gain work experience and have the opportunity to apply the knowledge taught in University. It facilitates hands-on experience to help the student assess their career path and goals. However, at Chilcotin Holidays and the Chilcotin Ark Institute an internship is more than that. Interns are able to invest in their personal development, learn new ways to connect with nature and become an empowered conservation steward while getting parctical work experince related to their studies and interests at the same time. The diversity of our operations provides countless opportunities for our interns to grow and evolve; not only professionally, but also personally in the fllowing fields:

Office Administration

Restaurant and Hospitality Management

Sustainable Forest and Ecology Management

Organizational Culture

Tourism Business Management

Sales and Marketing Management

Environment and Biodiversity Conservation