Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty of Graduate Studies (FoGS)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies oversees all aspects of graduate education at UBC. They provide administrative services for graduate students and programs, and their role is to ensure that the academic training provided at UBC is of the highest standard in research and other scholarly activities. FoGS’ mission is to provide leadership in ensuring excellence in graduate education and support for student success. FoGS support prospective and current UBC graduate students, faculty members, and graduate program staff. Crucial information relating to graduate education is provided through FoGS’ website. Some key services include

  • Maintain online system for applying to graduate programs
  • Make formal offers of admission and provide welcome and orientation information to new students
  • Services relevant to current graduate students include:
  • Allocate and administer merit-based graduate student awards
  • Maintain graduate student records
  • Assess graduate student academic progress to ensure students are given any assistance they need to be successful
  • Approve leaves of absence, student exchanges and other variations to registration
  • Coordinate final doctoral oral examinations and receive final theses and dissertations
  • Provide support for graduate students through our website, information sessions, and personal contact

For more information on FoGS support functions, please visit the FoGS website http://www.grad.ubc.ca/

source: https://wiki.ubc.ca/Sandbox:Handbook_Faculty_of_Graduate_Studies