Georgia Green

Portrait photo of Georgia Green

Georgia Green

MSc Student


Georgia is a MSc. student at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES). She is jointly supervised by Professor Gunilla Öberg and Annegaaike Leopold and is a member of the Egesta Lab. Her research focuses on the science informing the chemical regulation of endocrine disruptors. Her thesis topic is developing a method to identify and characterise different scientific perspectives relevant to chemicals management. Once validated by experts, it is hoped that this method can be applied to identify which epistemic perspectives are being excluded from policy when a consensus is expected.

Prior to arriving at UBC, Georgia obtained an undergraduate first-class degree in chemistry from Imperial College London (UK) and gained experience in science communication, chemistry research, pharmaceuticals, and science education. Beyond research, Georgia is interested in equity diversity and inclusion work and in her spare time enjoys playing the piano and viola, hiking, reading and gardening.