Freya Lambrecht

Portrait photo of Freya Lambrecht

Freya Lambrecht

MSc Student

Research Interests

Food Systems, Geosciences, Sustainability


Freya is an MSc student in the UBC EcoHydrology Lab, supervised by Dr. Mark Johnson. She is interested in most food-related issues in sustainability, but particularly enjoys researching soil and water processes in agricultural (or agriculture impacted) landscapes. She has a B.A. & Sc. from McGill in the program Sustainability, Science and Society, where her thesis examined on phosphorus cycling in restored and natural wetland soils, comparing their capacities to act as buffers to eutrophication.

At UBC, Freya looks forward to focusing her research on the effects of compost amendments on soil carbon dynamics and crop water demands at the UBC Farm. She hopes her research can be one small step in learning how to increase food security, while decreasing the environmental damages caused by conventional agricultural practices.