Call for Authors for the Canadian Mountain Assessment

June 29, 2021 

Call for Authors for the Canadian Mountain Assessment

The Canadian Mountain Assessment (CMA) is advancing an innovative, made-in-Canada approach to knowledge sharing and co-production that brings together Indigenous and Western scientific ways of knowing to address three fundamental questions: what do we know, not know, and need to know about Canada’s diverse and rapidly changing mountain systems? The Assessment will include insights from both peer-reviewed literature and First Nations, Métis, and Inuit knowledges of mountain systems, with individual Assessment chapter teams being balanced between Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors. The final assessment report will provide a first-of-its-kind look at the state of knowledge of Canada’s mountains, including the relative scope of knowledge across topics and geographies, based on diverse lines of evidence. The CMA provides a platform for connecting and mobilizing researchers, practitioners, and Indigenous Peoples with knowledge of mountains, and is therefore helping to catalyze a community of practice related to mountains in Canada.


The CMA is currently seeking author self-nominations

CMA authors should be recognized as 1. Established or emerging academic experts 2. First Nations, Métis, and Inuit knowledge holders or 3. non-academic specialists (e.g. mountain guides, tourism operators, writers) with expertise/knowledge relevant to Canadian mountain systems. The CMA is seeking authors who reside within Canada, or in exceptional circumstances, authors from outside of Canada who have specific expertise relevant to Canadian mountain systems.

Author activities timeline

Chapter teams will be finalized in the summer of 2021. Authorship activities will take place over the following year, concluding in the winter of 2022, when final chapter drafts will be submitted and the CMA prepared for publication.

Three levels of commitment and expertise:

Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) are the chapter leads. They have overall responsibility for chapter preparation, chapter team management, delivery of drafts, the satisfactory treatment of reviewer feedback, and, ultimately, the timely completion of the final draft of the chapter. They ensure the faithful implementation of the knowledge sharing and co-production protocols. CLAs must be highly knowledgeable, motivated, and capable.

Lead Authors (LAs) provide significant input in writing and revising their chapter; they are responsible for drafting specified sections within chapters, as agreed with the CLAs. Working with the CLAs, LAs support the faithful implementation of the knowledge sharing protocols. CLAs must have significant relevant experience/knowledge.

Contributing Authors (CAs) provide specific knowledge or expertise on a given topic and/or are substantially involved in targeted analyses in support of the chapter and/or the production of figures/graphs.

Benefits of authorship

CMA is a high impact project, comparable in scope to previous large-scale assessments such as the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment, and IPCC reports. Authors will benefit from association with this foundational assessment effort, which is expected to inform the mountain research and policy agenda in Canada for years to come. Authors will have the opportunity to connect with leading scholars and knowledge holders, and will benefit from active engagement in advancing innovative ethical and conceptual foundations for knowledge sharing and co-production.

What we need from you

Please fill out this form, which will ask you to provide a short statement of interest explaining your expertise and motivations. You will also be asked to select chapters of particular interest; to indicate your preferred level of authorship; and to select whether you self-identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.

Self-nominations will be accepted until July 9, 2021, but submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis for qualified applicants. Please note that only those being considered for authorship will be contacted.

 Thank you for your interest in joining the CMA! Feel free to circulate this call widely among your networks. For any questions, please contact CMA Project Assistant Madison Stevens at: