Tim Rodgers

Portrait photo of Tim Rodgers

Tim Rodgers


Research Interests

Chemicals management policy, Environmental justice, Multimedia Modeling, Persistent and Mobile Organic Compounds, Persistent organic pollutants


I am Tim Rodgers, an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in IRES with Prof. Amanda Giang. My research is focused on using modeling tools and field measurements to investigate how policy impacts emissions of and exposure to toxic chemicals. I am particularly interested in understanding how bans on certain chemicals increase the usage of other chemicals as replacements, in a process known as “regrettable substitution”. Does this result in an overall lower hazard or risk? How does the change in chemicals impact who is exposed and through what pathways, and are these decisions enhancing or detracting from environmental justice goals?

My PhD at the University of Toronto focused on understanding how chemicals move through the environment using multimedia chemical transport and fate models, and looked at how storm- and wastewater treatment systems could be used to reduce emissions of certain water-soluble chemicals to the environment. I am also interested in understanding how uncertainty can be effectively incorporated into modeling tools to support decision making. All of my models are available in an open-source format on my GitHub page, and please check out my ResearchGate to see my publications.