Perceptions, Culture, Values & Behaviour

How do humans perceive nature? How are cultural values and knowledges mobilized to make important decisions related to socio-ecological futures?  What are the socio-cultural, perceptual, and psychological barriers and enablers for sustainable behaviour, as individuals and as collectives? A rigorous understanding of these factors enables effective action towards sustainability.

IRES Researchers work to understand how core notions of nature and human-nature relations can be used to design behavioural interventions, shape policy, transform societal norms and values, and better manage land, water, air, ecosystems and technologies. From Indigenous ontologies of water to how values related to public environmental goods affect willingness to invest in key infrastructure, we use insights related to culture, values, and behaviour to address critical sustainability challenges.

Core faculty:

Leila HarrisJiaying ZhaoGunilla ÖbergHadi DowlatabadiMilind KandlikarClaire KremenTerre SatterfieldKai Chan

Highlighted publications: