Water Politics, Environmental Justice and Governance; Ecohydrology and Watershed Biogeochemistry



Leila Harris – Trained as a political and socio-cultural geographer (PhD Minnesota), her work examines social, cultural and political-economic dimensions of environmental and resource issues, especially in developing contexts.

Students: Kiely McFarlane, Scott McKenzie, Lucy Rodina, Sameer Shah, Emma Luker, Graham McDowell


Mark Johnson – Research interests center on ecohydrology and watershed biogeochemistry. HIs group conducts field-based research involving hydrometric and water quality monitoring, which we complement through GIS-based modeling, laboratory analysis and stakeholder input. The overarching goal is to leverage this research towards the development of more sustainable landuse practices and urban systems.

Students: Ashlee Jollymore, Michael Lathuillière, Alicia Speratti, Emma Luker