Global Food Security and Sustainability; Food Sovereignty, Agrarian Political Ecology



Hannah Wittman – Research projects examine the ways that the rights to produce and consume food are contested and transformed through struggles for agrarian reform, food sovereignty, and agrarian citizenship. Areas of empirical focus include: agrarian reform settlements, citizenship and food sovereignty in rural Brazil in collaboration with the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST); socio-ecological resilience and community-based resource management in Guatemala; and local food system transformation, farmland protection initiatives, farmers’ markets and community-based farming in British Columbia, Canada.

Students: Sophia Murphy, Jill GuerraEvan Bowness, Johnnie Manson


Navin Ramankutty – Navin’s research concerns global land use change and its implications, focusing on agricultural practice and the implications for environmental change and food security.  He employs data and models to address the question of how to feed 9-10 billion people while reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint.His research interests include global agriculture and food security, land use and cover change, global environmental change, global climate change, earth system science, ecosystem services, climate-vegetation interactions, global biogeochemical cycles.

Students: Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon, Vincent Ricciardi