Energy, Policy, Decision Making: Climate Change, Development, New Technologies; Behavioral Change, Decision-Making, and Resource Scarcity



Milind Kandlikar – His work focuses on the intersection of technology innovation, human development and the global environment. Dr. Kandlikar’s current projects include the regulation of agricultural biotechnology including implications for food security; air quality in Indian cities; risks and benefits of nanotechnology; solar lighting systems in the developing world; and development and climate change.

Students: Kieran Findlater, Leonard Glaser, Simon Harding, Mun-hee Jung, Poushali Maji,


Hadi Dowlatabadi – His research has focused on the interface of humans and the environment. Hadi has focused on challenges at the interface of technology, energy, environment, health and public policy.

Students: Krista English, Michiko Namazu, Maryam Rezaei, William Ritchie, Jacqueline Lerner, Michaela Neuberger, Xuesi Shen


Jiaying Zhao – Her work is motivated by the fact that human behavior is not only governed by internal cognitive processes, but also influenced by a rich set of external, environmental factors. Specifically, Jiaying is interested in how environmental and financial resources influence thinking and behavior, and how cognitive factors lead to behavioral change that impacts the consumption and the allocation of environmental resources.

Students: Alejandra Echeverri, Ivana Zelenika