IRES Working Paper Series

The principle aim of the Working Paper Series (WPS) is to create a showcase for work produced here at IRES. The wide range of approaches and expertise that is being developed within this institution is something we want to celebrate and share among our own department, as well as with the broader research community. The structure of Working Papers allows students and faculty to make their work available to the public alongside submission to academic journals.

As a result, the WPS provides:

  • A means of eliciting feedback on research prior to submission to an academic journal;
  • An opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the peer-review process from both author and reviewer perspectives; and
  • An forum for both students and faculty to make their work available faster than through academic journals, reducing the time it takes for research results to see the light of day


The IRES WPS is hosted by UBC’s cIRcle platform, a digital repository of UBC research and teaching materials accessible to the public and forms a part of efforts to improve Open Access to all work produced at IRES.


To submit your article or review piece to the WPS, please visit our pages on Information for Authors,  Information for Reviewers