Theses & Dissertations

Alumni of the RMES/RES program have gone on to successful careers working with government, non-governmental organizations, consulting organizations, Aboriginal communities, academia and beyond. Please visit our Linkedin Group Page to see examples of where our alumni have gone after finishing the RMES/RES program. Are you an IRES alumnus or almuna? Would you like your contact details to be added here? Please email with your contact details and we will add you.



Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon, MSc

Supervised by: Navin Ramankutty

Evaluating uncertainty in tropical forest loss between 1990 and 2010: an inter-comparison of different data sets

Mollie Chapman, PhD

Supervised by: Kai Chan

Agri-‘culture’ and biodiversity : rethinking payments for ecosystem services in light of relational values

Simon Harding, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Regulating the last mile: paratransit in Delhi

Jeffrey Scott, MSc

Supervised by: Mimi Lam and Tony Pitcher

Jason Brown, PhD

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield

Dwelling in the wilderness : place, landscape and the sacred among catholic monks of the American west

Xuesi Shen, MSc

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

Development of a hybrid simulation model for understanding community resilience to fuel disruption

Santiago De la Puente Jeri, MSc

Supervised by: Villy Christensen

Emma Luker, MSc

Supervised by: Leila Harris and Mark Johnson

Transitioning towards water supply diversification : possibilities for groundwater in Cape Town, South Africa

Daniel Klein, MSc

Supervised by: Gunilla Oberg

Supporting the implementation of effective urban water conservation and demand management strategies

Holly Andrews, MSc

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield and Mike Meitner

Mechanisms of indigenous exclusion in British Columbia’s environmental assessment process

Elizabeth Williams, MSc

Supervised by: Kai Chan

Content and prevalence of environmentalist stereotypes in Canada: a psychological perspective

Maryam Rezaei, PhD

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

Power to the people : thinking (and rethinking) energy poverty in British Columbia, Canada

Alicia Speratti, PhD

Supervised by: Mark Johnson

Biochar for the Brazilian Cerrado : contributions to soil quality and plant growth

Paige Olmsted, PhD

Supervised by: Kai Chan

For love or money: harnessing environmental values and financial incentives to promote conservation stewardship

Darah Gibson, MSc

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila

Socio-economic contribution of small-scale and large-scale fisheries in British Columbia

Abdulrahman Ben Hasan, MSc

Supervised by: Villy Christensen

Fisheries in a changing environment: the impacts of the reduction in Shatt Al Arab flow on nearshore fish stocks in the Northern Persian Gulf

Kieran Findlater, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar and Terre Satterfield

Explaining Climate-Sensitive Decision-Making: On the Relationship Between Cognitive Logic and Climate-Adaptive Behaviour

Ashlee Jollymore, PhD

Supervised by: Mark Johnson

From streams to citizens: a multi-lens investigation of water quality through carbon cycles and participation within water science and policy

Michiko Namazu, PhD

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

The Evolution of Carsharing: Heterogeneity in Adoption and Impacts



Anna Christina Schuhbauer, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila

The Economic Viability of Small-scale Fisheries

Leonard Glaser, MSc

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Electricity Use Analysis of Existing and Planned University Buildings, and Opportunities for Life Cycle Costing

Maery Kaplan-Hallam, MA

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield

Social shocks in social-ecological systems: the impacts of sea cucumber booms for coastal communities in Mexico

The Wint Aung, PhD

Supervised by: Michael Brauer

Health, climate, and time-use impacts from a carbon-financed cookstove intervention in rural India

Mun-hee Jung, MSc

Supervised by: Milind Kandikar

Is free trade free of environmental cost?

Gerald Singh, PhD

Supervised by: Kai Chan

Understanding & assessing cumulative impacts to coastal ecosystem services

Sylvia Coleman, PhD

Supervised by: John Robinson and Ray Cole

Normalizing sustainability in a regenerative building: the social practice of being at CIRS

Sara Klain, PhD

Supervised by: Kai Chan

Wind of change: offshore wind farms, contested values and ecosystem services

Sara Elder, PhD

Supervised by: Peter Dauvergne

Assessing the impacts of retail supply chains on food security and agricultural sustainability in the global south: the case of Walmart in Nicaragua

Jillian Guerra, MA

 Supervised by: Hannah Wittman

Pathways to agroecology: mediated markets and credit access in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Jordan Tam, PhD

 Supervised by: Terre Satterfield & Kai Chan

Understanding adaption and social-ecological change in Chilean coastal communities

Edward Gregr, PhD

 Supervised by: Kai Chan

Sea otters, kelp forests, and ecosystem services: modelling habitats, uncertainties,  and trade-offs

Allison Franko, MSc

 Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

Enforcement patterns and compliance outcomes in BC : lessons learning from the rollout of EAO’s watchdog program

Seyedeh Paniz Pajouhesh, MA

 Supervised by: John Robinson

From theory to practice; an analysis of transformative social innovation at the University of British Columbia

Anne-Mareike Chu, MSc

 Supervised by: John Robinson

Understanding the performance gap : an evaluation of the energy efficiency of three high-performance buildings in British Columbia

Yaron Cohen, MSc

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Carbon management in airports

Thor Jensen, Joint PhD (UBC & UVSQ)

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

The adoption of ground source heat pumps at multiple scales in North America

Johnnie Manson, MA

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield and Hannah Wittman

Relational Nations : trading and sharing ethos for Indigenous food sovereignty on Vancouver Island.

Jonathan Salter, PhD

Supervised by: Stephen Sheppard

Energy in place : a case study and mental models analysis of engagement in community scale energy planning

Arvind Saraswat, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Air pollution in New Delhi, India : spatial and temporal patterns of ambient concentrations and human exposure

Chloe (Pui Wing) Sher, MA

Supervised by: Karen Bakker

Social and environmental impacts of shale gas development and public support for fracking in China

Kelly Sharp, MA

Supervised by: Hisham Zerriffi and Philipe Le Billon

Voluntary resettlement for improved livelihoods? : examining food security, nutrition, and informed consent amongst land reform participants in southern Malawi

Matthew Taccogna, MSc

Supervised by: Hisham Zerriffi

Risk perceptions and marine spatial planning surrounding tidal energy in British Columbia

Philamer Torio, PhD

Supervised by: Leila Harris

Water privatization in Metro Manila : assessing the state of equitable water provision

Lisa Westerhoff, PhD

Supervised by: John Robinson

City stories : from narrative to practice in Vancouver’s Olympic Village



Victor Acuna, MSc

Supervised by: Leila Harris and Samia Khan

Environmental citizenship in Chilean school textbooks : a case study on environmental citizenship education in Chilean basic-education textbooks of 2012

Dyhia Belhabib, PhD

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly

West African fisheries: past, present and ‘futures?’

Andres Cisneros, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila

The value of information for fisheries policy

Yago Dodson Coll, MSc

Supervised by: Leila Harris and Samia Khan

Environmental citizenship in Chilean school textbooks : a case study on environmental citizenship education in Chilean basic-education textbooks of 2012

Alejandra Echeverri Ochoa, MSc

Supervised by: Jiaying Zhao

Exploring attitudes and preferences toward species at risk in British Columbia

Krista Greer, MSc

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly

Considering the ‘effort factor’ in fisheries : a methodology for reconstructing global fishing effort and carbon dioxide emissions, 1950 – 2010

Rajeev Kumar, PhD

Supervised by: Tony Pitcher

Ecosystem based management for Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota under changing environmental conditions

Frederic Le Manach, PhD

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly

Past, present and future of publicly-funded European Union’s fishing access agreements in developing countries

Julia Reckermann, MA

Supervised by: John Robinson

CIRS pre-occupancy evaluation: inhabitant feedback processes and possibilities for a regenerative place

Sameer Shah, MSc

Supervised by: Leila Harris and Hisham Zerriffi

Water variability, livelihoods, and adaptation : a case study from the Angat River Basin (Philippines)

Rosie Simms, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris

“All of the water that is in our reserves and that is in our territory is ours” : colonial and Indigenous water governance in unceded Indigenous territories in British Columbia

Hamed Taheri, MSc

Supervised by: Gunilla Oberg and Giuseppe Carenini

Interactive visualization to facilitate group deliberations in decision making processes

Allison Thompson , MA

Supervised by: Robin Naidoo

Effects of linear barriers on African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) movement in a transfrontier conservation area

Tashi Tsering, PhD

Supervised by: Tsering Shakya

Social inequality and resource management : gender, caste and class in the rural Himalayas


Elizabeth Dapaah, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris

Water access and governance among indigenous and migrant low-income communities in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA), Ghana

Angela Eykelbosh, PhD 

Supervised by: Mark Johnson

Closing the carbon loop in sugarcane bioethanol : effects of filtercake biochar amendment on soil quality, leaching and carbon utilization

Laura Fedoruk, MSc

Supervised by: John Robinson

‘Smart’ energy systems and networked buildings : examining the integrations, controls, and experience of design through operation

Hana Sherin Galal, MA

Supervised by: Gunilla Oberg

Integrating sustainability in municipal wastewater infrastructure decision-analysis using the analytic hierarchy process

Andrea Haas, Fisheries MSc

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila

Examining distribution and concentration of access in British Columbia’s salmon and herring fisheries

Cristina Infante, PhD

Supervised by: Peter Nemetz

Building an ecosystem services value at risk conceptual framework for sustainability, efficiency and fairness in resource management : starting values from marine ecosystems

Danika Kleiber, Fisheries PhD

Supervised by: Amanda Vincent and Leila Harris

Gender and small-scale fisheries in the Central Philippines

Reza Kowsari, PhD

Supervised by: Hisham Zerriffi

Twisted energy ladder : complexities and unintended consequences in the transition to modern energy services

Wing Yee Lam, Fisheries PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila, Daniel Pauly, and Brian Klinkenberg

Global fisheries economics in the face of change in climate

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Sea Around Us, Fisheries Centre, UBC

Megan Peloso, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris

Navigating water access and governance in peri-urban Ashaiman, Ghana : a case study

Program Coordinator, Lake Windermere Ambassadors in Invermere, BC

Teresa Ryan, PhD

Supervised by: Ronald Trosper, Terre Satterfield, and Rashid Sumaila

Territorial jurisdiction : the cultural and economic significance of eulachon Thaleichthys pacificus in the north-central coast region of British Columbia

Postdoctoral Teaching and Learning Fellow, University of British Columbia

Stefan Storey, PhD

Supervised by: John Robinson, Raymond Cole, Steve Rogak, and Jorge Marques

Application of life-cycle approaches for the evaluation of high performance buildings

Allison Takasaki, MA

Supervised by: Ralph Matthews

Environment, development, trust, and well-being in the Tsawwassen First Nation

Paul Teehan, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Integrative approaches to environmental life cycle assessment of consumer electronics and connected media

Aylin Ulman, Fisheries MSc

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly

Actual and perceived decline of fishery resources in Turkey and Cyprus: a history with emphasis on shifting baselines

Nathan Vadeboncoeur, PhD 

Supervised by: Ralph Matthews

Knowing climate change : modelling, understanding, and managing risk

Lauren Weatherdon, Fisheries MSc

Supervised by: William Cheung

Scenarios for coastal First Nations’ fisheries under climate change : impacts, resilience and adaptation potential

Cameron Webster, MSc

Supervised by: Mark Johnson

The effects of biochar application on carbon dioxide and methane soil surface fluxes


Christian Beaudrie, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlikar

Decision Analyst with Compass Resource Management Ltd.
Megan Callahan, MA

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield

Lions and tigers and bears: an investigation of the state of conservation in zoos

Elizabeth Ferris, MSc

Supervised by: Gunilla Öberg

Implementing climate mitigation policy at a subnational level: lessons from British Columbia

Janalyn Kotaska, PhD

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield and Charles Menzies

Reconciliation ‘at the end of the day’: decolonizing territorial governance in British Columbia after Delgamuukw

Program manager at Coastal Stewardship Network

Kim Lau, MA

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi

British Columbia’s ‘carbon neutral government’ mandate: influence on infrastructure decisions

Nicole Miller, PhD

Supervised by: Stephen Sheppard

Urban form and building energy: quantifying relationships using a multi-scale approach

Partner of C2MP Consulting

Lyudmila (Lucy) Rodina, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris

Lived notions of citizenship and the human right to water in Site C, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa

PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Lauren Rodman, MA

Supervised by: Charles Menzies

Spinning wind into power: industry and energy in Gitxaała Nation, British Columbia

Research analyst, National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver

Reza Kowsari, PhD

Supervised by: Hisham Zerriffi

       Twisted energy ladder: complexities and unintended consequences in the transition to modern energy services

Tom Berkhout, PhD

        Supervised by: John Robinson

        Steering transformative energy efficiency and conservation in British Columbia, Canada

Laura Cornish, MA

Supervised by: Stephen Sheppard

Can 4D visioning foster community responses on climate change? 

Product Manager

Tee Lim, MA

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield and Frank Tester
Inuit encounters with colonial capital: Nanisivik – Canada’s first high Arctic mine

Wilfram Swartz, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
Five not so easy pieces: globalization of fishing and seafood markets


Julia Freeman, PhD

Co-supervised by Terre Satterfield and Milind Kandlikar
Engineered debates and emergent biosafety: the social controversy and regulatory challenges confronting GE crops in India

Lecturer at McGill University’s School of Environment

Claudia Ho Lem, MSc

Co-supervised by: Milind Kandlikar and Hisham Zerriffi
Climate science, equity, and development: the role of international institutions in capacity building for climate change

Megan Bailey, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
Economic analysis of unregulated and illegal fishing in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Post Doctoral Researcher at Wageningen University

Olivia Freeman, MSc

Supervised by: Hisham Zerriffi
Maximizing climate and health benefits in household energy carbon credit projects

Brian Gouge, PhD

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi
Modeling and mitigating the climate and health impacts of emissions from public transportation bus fleets: an integrated approach to sustainable public transportation

Susanna Haas Lyons, MA

Supervised by: John Robinson
It’s complicated: exploring Facebook’s potential for deliberative public engagement on sustainability policy
Public Engagement Specialist, AmericaSpeaks Network Associate

Carie Hoover, PhD

Supervised by: Tony Pitcher
Effects of harvest and climate change on polar marine ecosystems: case studies from the Antarctic Peninsula and Hudson Bay early career fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University

Megan Mach, PhD

Supervised by: Kai Chan
Research on marine coastal impacts to promote ecosystem-based management: nonnative species in northeast Pacific estuaries
Early career fellow at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University

Liesbeth van der Meer, MSc

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
Global revenues from wild seafood products

Fisheries Specialist at OCEANA

Margaret Morales, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris
Citizenshit – the right to flush: sewage management and its meanings in Villa Lamadrid, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Videographer, Documentarian at Center for Documentary Studies

Claudia Morgado, MA

Supervised by: Charles Menzies
Getting to know the artist: understanding why artists are important contributors to the climate change conversation

Cynthia Morinville, MA

Supervised by: Leila Harris
Beyond the pipe: participation and alternative water provision in underserved areas of Accra, Ghana

James Murphy, PhD

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi
Determinants of health outcomes in switching to electric bicycles

Meg O’Shea, PhD

Supervised by John Robinson
Embodying and performing sustainability
Project Manager at Greenest City Conversations

Jennifer Romero, MSc

Supervised by: George Hoberg
Forest conservation in Argentina: early analysis of the Forest Law implementation in the Chaco Ecoregion

Dawit Tesfamichael, PhD

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly and Tony Pitcher
Assessment of the Red Sea ecosystem with emphasis on fisheries

Sonja Wilson, MSc

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi
Remote community electrification using woody biomass
Biomass Energy Systems Specialist, Green Energy Technologies


Mathieu Beaulieu, MSc

Supervised by: Gunilla Öberg
A shifting hydrological regime: a field investigation of snowmelt runoff processes and their connection to summer baseflow, Sunshine Coast, B.C
PhD student in Public Health at Université de Montréal

Jacqueline Belzile, MA

Supervised by: Gunilla Öberg
Lessons from Oz to the Okanagan: water policy and structural reform in a changing climate
Director & Sustainability Consultant at Blue Currents Consulting Inc.

Brooke Campbell, MSc

Supervised by: Daniel Pauly
A global analysis of historical and projected mariculture production trends, 1950-2030
Associate Research Fellow at Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security

Alice Cohen, PhD

Supervised by: Karen Bakker
From water to watershed: an analysis of rescaled water governance in Canada

Christina Cook, PhD

Supervised by: Karen Bakker
Putting the pieces together: tracing fragmentation in Ontario water governance
Post Doctoral Fellow at Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Stephanie Grand, PhD

Supervised by: Les Lavkulich
Reactive soil components and logging in Podzols of southwestern British Columbia
Post Doctoral Research Associate in the Forestry Department at Michigan State University 

Shinan Kassam, PhD

Supervised by: Rick Barichello
One explanation for why farmers produce cotton collectively in post-Soviet Tajikistan
Senior Technical Advisor at Aga Khan Foundation Syria 

Michael Lathuilliere, MSc

Supervised by: Mark Johnson
Land use effects on green water fluxes in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Water Footprint and Agricultural Water Management Specialist

Craig Mayberry, PhD

Supervised by: Ilan Vertinsk
Social entrepreneurs: the role of entrepreneurial orientation and leadership style in non-profit organizations
Senior Lecturer in the College of Business and Economics at Western Washington University

Lindsay Nathaniel, MA

Supervised by: Ralph Matthews
What affects environmentally sustainable behaviour? A case study of visitors to Whistler BC

Jeremy Osborn, MA

Supervised by: James Tansey
Values, culture, social capital, change: the case of The Car Coop
Research Director, Global Sustainability Group, Saatchi & Saatchi

Darlene Seto, MA

Supervised by: Kathryn Harrison
Diversity and engagement in alternative food practice: community gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia
Project Manager at LiVWELL Research Group (SFU) 

Marleen de Ruiter, MSc

Supervised by: Stephanie Chang and John Clague
Post-disaster community recovery: linking environmental and economic recovery

Lydia Teh, PhD

Supervised by: Tony Pitcher
A fuzzy logic approach to spatial management of small-scale fisheries

Louise Teh, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
Discount rates, small-scale fisheries, and sustainability


Emily Anderson, MA

Co-supervised by: Kai Chan and Hisham Zerriffi
Can planting trees bring co-benefits? : smallholder tree planting for development and carbon mitigation
PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Lenore Burke, MA

Supervised by: Ralph Matthews
When the fishing’s gone: understanding how fisheries management affects the informal economy and social capital in the Nuxalk Nation
Marine Resource Management Assistant at Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism

Andrew Devlin, MA

Supervised by: Lawrence Frank
Structural effects of the built environment on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions: evidence from Vancouver, Canada
Transportation Planner, TransLink

Sara Elder, MA

Supervised by: Peter Dauvergne
Fair Trade certification and social determinants of health: the case of coffee producers in Rwanda
PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Donna Pettipas, MA

Supervised by: Les Lavkulich
Dwelling, tourism and sustainability on the rural-urban fringe: a Bowen Island case study

Jordan Tam, MA

Supervised by: Timothy McDaniels
Understanding preferences for climate change adaptation for protected areas: the psychology of individual risk perceptions
PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Andres Cisneros, MSc

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
The economic benefits of ecosystem-based marine recreation: implications for management and policy 
PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Maria Espinosa, MSc

Supervised by: Kai Chan
Towards ecosystem-based management: integrating stakeholder values in decision-making and improving the representation of ecosystems in ecosystem models
Coordinator of the Midriff Islands Program at Community and Biodiversity

Kirsten Harma, MSc

Supervised by: Mark Johnson

Changing with the flow: an analysis of water supply and demand in a subwatershed of the Okanagan Basin, British Columbia
Program Coordinator, Lake Windermere Ambassadors, Inveremere, BC

Sarah Klain, MSc

Supervised by: Kai Chan
Navigating marine ecosystem services and values
PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Nathalie Maurer, MSc

Supervised by: Hans Schreier
Modelling urban development trends and outdoor residential water demand in the Okanagan Basin, British Columbia
Environmental Engineer, EIT at Sperling Hansen Associates (SHA)

David Boyd, PhD

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield
The environmental rights revolution: constitutions, human rights, and the environment

Zosia Brown, PhD

Supervised by: Raymond Cole
Occupant comfort and engagement in green buildings: examining the effects of knowledge, feedback and workplace culture
Corporate Sustainability Analyst at SGS Group Management Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland

Eny Buchary, PhD

Supervised by: Tony Pitcher
In search of viable policy options for responsible use of sardine resources in the Bali Strait, Indonesia

Arnold Elias, PhD

Supervised by: John Robinson
High potential: how a framework of criteria for an integrated energy system can initiate a sustainable electricity grid and transportation system

Sarah Foster, PhD

Supervised by: Amanda Vincent
Is bycatch a big problem for small fish? Assessing and addressing the impacts of tropical shrimp trawling on small fish species
Research Associate, Project Seahorse, Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia

Glen Hearns, PhD

Supervised by: Ian Townsend
Analysis of process mechanisms promoting cooperation in transboundary waters
Gault Principle at Aristos Consulting

Gakushi Ishimura, PhD

Supervised by: Rashid Sumaila
Transboundary management of a fish stock under climate variability: the case of Pacific sardine in the California current ecosystem

Sonja Klinsky, PhD

Supervised by: Timothy McDaniels
Many faces, many frames: exploring the dimensions of justice and climate change policy decision-making

Eric Mazzi, PhD

Supervised by: Hadi Dowlatabadi
An integrated assessment of climate mitigation policy, air quality and traffic safety for passenger cars in the UK
Currently the Power SmartR Instructor at the UBC Clean Energy Research Centre

Marivic Pajaro, PhD

Supervised by: Amanda Vincent
Indicators of effectiveness in community-based marine protected areas

Anton Pitts, PhD

Supervised by: Paul Wood
Effects of wildlife viewing on the behaviour of grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) in the Khutzeymateen (K’tzim-a-deen) Grizzly Bear Sanctuary, British Columbia

Conor Reynolds, PhD

Supervised by: Milind Kandlinkar
Strategies to reduce transportation emissions in India: identifying air quality and climate co-benefits for the developing world
Senior Project Engineer at Metro Vancouver and Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia

Jack Teng, PhD

Supervised by: Brian Moore
Environmental and social determinants of tick-borne zoonoses in the South Okanagan

Veronica Wahl, PhD

Supervised by: Patrick Mooney
Why people help: motivations and barriers for stewardship volunteering
UNIBUG Project Coordinator at Institute of Urban Ecology, Douglas College


Stephanie Lepsoe, MA

Supervised by: Hans Schreier
Water demand management and adaptations for mountain resort communities in the Canadian Columbia Basin

Jennifer Ardiel, MSc

The introduction of safe and sustainable agriculture certification: a case study of cherry growers in the Southern Interior of British Columbia

Laura DeVries, MA

What’s at stake on uncommon ground? The Grand River Haudenosaunee and Canada in Caledonia, Ontario
UNIBUG Project Coordinator at Institute of Urban Ecology, Douglas College

Har-Rajandeep Singh Dhariwal, MA

Disaster resilience of the Vancouver health care system to pandemic influenza
BC Hydro, Emergency Preparedness Manager

Kieran Findlater, MSc

Supervised by: Milind Kandlinkar
Biofuels and land use: global requirements and local impacts

PhD student in RMES program at the University of British Columbia

Lara Hoshizaki, MSc

Supervised by: Brian Moore
What a difference a map makes: including ecosystem services within systematic conservation planning
GIS Analyst at SNC-Lavalin Environment

Zhi Ying Lin, MSc

Trends in aquaculture production and its role in meeting human protein needs

Veronica Lo, MSc

Supervised by: Kai Chan
Underwater aliens: quantifying propagule pressure of aquatic invasive species in Canadian shipping ports
Programme Assistant, Climate Change and Biodiversity at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Alex Russell, MSc

Everything but the moo: a stakeholder analysis of livestock waste tissue disposal options in British Columbia

Benjamin Starkhouse, MSc

What’s the catch: uncovering the catch volume and value of Fiji’s coral reef-based artisanal and subsistence fisheries
Fisheries Harvest Manager, Lummi Nation

Nathan Vadeboncoeur, MA

Supervised by: Ralph Matthews
On the implications of governance institutions for sustainability and climate change adaptation: a study of Whitehorse, Yukon
Instructor, The University of British Columbia

Jonathan Anticamara, PhD

Ecology of recovering degraded reef communities within no-take marine reserves
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of British Columbia

Tihut Asfaw, PhD

Supervised by: Terre Satterfield
Gender, justice and livelihoods in the creation and demise of forests in North Western Ethiopia’s Zeghie Peninsula

Sarah Burch, PhD

Local responses to climate change: an exploration of the relationship between capacity and action
Banting Postdoctoral Fellow in Sustainability Governance at Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, UBC

Sharon Chang, PhD

Forest policy in northeast British Columbia from the 1990s to the early 2000s: comparing approaches to explaining policy change

Negar Elmieh, PhD

Public health responses to West Nile virus: the role of risk perceptions and behavioral uncertainty in risk communication and policy
Professor, Quest University Canada

Robyn Forrest, PhD

Simulation models for estimating productivity and trade-offs in the data-limited fisheries of New South Wales, Australia
Research Scientist, Groundfish, Marine Ecosystems and Aquaculture Division Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Pacific Biological Station, Nanaimo

Shannon Hagerman, PhD

Adapting conservation policy to the impacts of climate change: an integrated examination of ecological and social dimensions of change

Jennifer Jacquet, PhD

Fish as food in an age of globalization

Alyssa Joyce, PhD

Risk and opportunity in British Columbia shellfisheries: the role of limited property rights in aquaculture development

Patricia Keen, PhD

Seasonal dynamics of tetracycline resistance genes and antibiotics in a British Columbia agricultural watershed

Jane Lister, PhD

Supervised by: Peter Dauvergne
Co-regulating corporate social responsibility: government response to forest certification in Canada, the United States and Sweden
Postdoctoral Fellow, Liu Institute for Global Issues


Jana Hanova, MSc

Environmental and techno-economic analysis of ground source heat pump systems
Founder and Director, Strategic Sustainability Solutions

Megan Moody, MSc

Eulachon past and present

Sheena Pappas, MSc

An assessment of historical changes in aquatic biota, water and sediment quality within a catchment at a developing urban front

Natalie Ban, PhD

Multiple perspectives for envisioning marine protected areas
Assistant Professor at University of Victoria

Miriam Bixby, PhD

Evaluating social welfare implications of forestry policies when economic and environmental values matter in a British Columbia context

Jamie Donatuto, PhD

When seafood feeds the spirit yet poisons the body: developing health indicators for risk assessment in a Native American fishing community

Shashidharan Enarth, PhD

Decentralization and democratization of natural resources management programs in India: a study of self-governing resource user-groups

Rasha Maal-Bared, PhD

Comparing the distribution of pathogenic bacteria and common indicator microorganisms in biofilms on different surface types in an agricultural watershed in British Columbia (Canada)
Research Associate at The University of Ottawa

Maria du Monceau de Bergencial, PhD

The political ecology of indigenous movements and tree plantations in Chile: the role of political strategies of Mapuche communities in shaping their social and natural livelihoods

Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD

An integrated assessment of the effect of environmental regulation, land use changes and market forces on the Mexican leather and footwear industries’ restructuring
Assistant Professor, Public Administration Division at CIDE (Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, A.C.)

Charles Wilson, PhD

Understanding and influencing energy efficient renovation decisions

Liu Yajie, PhD

Resource and Environmental Economist at Department of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
An analysis of the management and economics of salmon aquaculture


Amy Frye, MA

Insights from the edge: farmers’ perspectives on agricultural viability near urban centres
Acting Director, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm

Julie Ann Beer, MSc

Littoral zone primary production in a coastal reservoir ecosystem

Daniel Galland, MSc

History and evolution of salmon aquaculture siting policy in British Columbia
Assistant Professor of Urban & Regional Planning at Aalborg University in Denmark

Stacy Langsdale,  PhD

Participatory model building for exploring water management and climate change futures in the Okanagan Basin, Britisih Columbia, Canada


Yasuhiko Ogushi, MSc

Automobile life cycle outcomes and possibilities under extended producer responsibility legislation in Japan


Andrea (Coombs) Wallace, MSc

Marine mammals and human health in the Eastern Bering Sea: using an ecosystem-based food web model to track PCBs

Currently a PhD student at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom.