Mollie Chapman

PhD Candidate


I was introduced to the concept of sustainable development nearly 10 years ago. A freshman at Stanford, I convinced Suki Hoagland to let me into her class on sustainable development in Costa Rica. A year later I was living in a small village in that same country and saw the story of a town, Volcán, that had sold most of its land to a multinational pineapple company. The community was paralyzed in a conflict over the company’s environmental destruction. The experience shaped my thinking and led to the question I’ve been trying to answer since: How can we make decisions among diverse stakeholders that integrate both people’s deeply held values and are based on sound science? Many words, photos and countries later I am joining Terre Satterfield, who’s work on values and narratives inspired much of my B.A. work, and Kai Chan, an incredible biologist who understands that people matter, to continue exploring these issues.

Thesis title: Mitigating at the Margins:Can we understand cultural ecosystem services through deliberations on mitigation?