Leela Steiner

PhD Candidate


Leela is a PhD student at the Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability. Broadly, her research examines the development of different regulatory regimes for endocrine disrupting compounds. She plans to focus on plastic food packaging, a common consumer product with high risk for food contamination with corresponding human health effects as well as contamination potential from discarded waste in the environment. Within this sphere, her study will investigate the role of science and scientists in the regulatory process, with particular emphasis on the development of threshold levels, the types of uncertainties at play, and the extent and mode of evidence integration in regulations.

Leela has a background in science, with an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto in Biology. She completed an MA at Carleton University in Public Policy, with a focus on innovation, science and environment. Her research for those years centered on climate, energy, transitioning to a low-carbon economy, and protected areas policy. Outside of work and school, she is an avid swimmer, loves kayaking, and more often than not, can be swayed by a good chocolate-banana milkshake.