Krista English

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD Candidate with an interest in topics at the intersection of complex systems, health systems and decision-making, and their general relationship with organizational complexity and public health policy design. 

During my research, I have examined organizational complexity theories to understand how research evidence within a public health agency influences policy development and decision-making. I am interested in identifying the qualities of the positive deviants that facilitate knowledge translation within the organization to convey the potential of using systemic levers for strengthening health systems via evidence informed policy. Drs Babak Pourbohloul and Hadi Dowlatabadi co-supervise my work.

I have worked in population and public health research and management for more than a decade and have an MBA (Health Care Management). I am currently a Senior Scientific Researcher in UBCs Complexity Science Lab and Co-Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre in Complexity Science for Health Systems.