Ashlee Jollymore

PhD Candidate, Ecohydrology Group


I am a PhD Candidate in the Ecohydrology Group in IRES, under the supervision of Dr. Mark Johnson; my supervisory committee includes Dr. Terre Satterfield and Dr. Karen Bartlett.

My research interests broadly focus on issues of water management and water quality within society, including interactions of human, ecological, hydrological and biogeochemical cycles that link terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These interests have translated into involvement within several projects at IRES including 1) effects of forest harvest on water quality and carbon cycling within a headwater stream catchment on Vancouver Island; 2) the production of chemicals potentially harmful to health when water is disinfected for drinking; 3) Waterlogged, a participatory science campaign where citizens provide data regarding water quality in local streams and rivers to look at how human activities affect water quality; and 4) a collaborative project with Kiely McFarlane and Dr. Leila Harris on public consultation towards British Columbia’s new Water Sustainability Act.

Before my time at IRES, I worked at a sustainable development firm who published the Challenge Series, which detailed the design and realization of Vancouver’s Olympic Village, the second neighbourhood in the world to achieve LEED Platinum status.  I hold a MSc. in Chemistry (from UBC) and a BSc. (Hon. Chemistry) from McGill University. In my free time, I love being a part of the editorial board of Hypothesis Journal, and volunteer as a ski instructor for Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports.
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