Doctoral Thesis Timeline

Ideal Timeline for RMES PhD students


September Year 1

  • Student begins program

September Year 2

  • Student has selected Committee Members
  • Supervisory Committee and Member Selection Form (RMES)

September – April Year 2

  • Comprehensive Exams (no later than 30th month in program)
  • Submit Thesis Proposal
  • Identify list of Potential External Examiners

After Comp Exams, these forms are to be submitted:

  • Recommendation for Advancement to Candidacy Form (GPS)
  • Comprehensive Exam Progress Form (RMES)

May Year 2

  • Research Progress Report Form #1 due (RMES)
  • NOTE: Research Progress Reports are due at the end of May each year, beginning in year


May Year 3

  • Research Progress Report Form #2 due (RMES)

May Year 4

  • Research Progress Report Form #3 due (RMES)

February Final Academic Year

March Final Academic Year

  • Approval of University Examiners for Doctoral Dissertation Form (GPS)
  • Examination Programme Form (FOGS)
  • The above 2 forms should be submitted no less than 4 weeks before oral defense.
  • Oral Defense takes place

April or August Final Academic Year