Terrestrial Research on Ecosystem & World-wide Education and Broadcast (TerreWEB)

TerreWEB is a graduate training program that focuses on effective communication of global change research.

Selected as one of three 2011 programs at UBC funded by the NSERC-CREATE (Collaborative Research and Training Experience) initiative, TerreWEB aims to have Master and PhD students integrate global change science, social science and communications research. TerreWEB is an enriched, interdisciplinary and collaborative graduate training program focused on global change impacts on terrestrial ecosystems, mitigation and adaptation strategies, and the role of scientific communication to affect appropriate changes in human behaviour for adapting to global change. TerreWEB is inclusive, and invites current and potential UBC graduate student and their supervisor, with research focusing on terrestrial ecosystems and communication to become a part of our team.

TerreWEB Scholar: Graduate students and PDF’s receiving support through fellowships are TerreWEB scholars and are expected to participate in TerreWEB activities, including seminars and workshops.
Students should apply for TerreWEB fellowships before commencing their graduate program at UBC. Students who have already commenced with their program are not eligible to apply for TerreWEB fellowships.
TerreWEB scholars must have a supervisor and a co-supervisor (one of them in science, the other in a non-science field), and at least one of the supervisors must be a TerreWEB applicant or co-applicant (S. Simard, M. Krzic, G. Bradfield, A. Christen, M. Johnson, C. Prescott, T. Satterfield, R. Talalay, A. Black, S. Aitken).

TerreWEB stipends are usually up to 17,300 CAD / year for Master students and 21,000 CAD / year for PhD students. Expenses for field work and research have to be covered by the supervisors. PDF’s are supported by TerreWEB up to 20,000 CAD / year. It is expected that supervisors pay at least another 20,000 CAD towards PDF’s salaries as well as associated PDF project costs.

Please see the TerreWEB website for additional details and how to apply.

Current RES TerreWEB Students:
Megan Callahan
Paige Olmsted
Alicia Speratti