Liu Institute for Global Issues

The Liu Institute is offering a new and unique Program to bring together exceptional PhD students from across UBC to facilitate issue-based research on global issues and strengthen global networks.

The Institute’s current areas of research are in sustainability, security, and social justice. The Institute is particularly interested in emerging issues that affect large groups of people in different places and need concerted action and new knowledge to find solutions.

The Liu Scholar Program is designed to create a synergistic environment for students from various disciplines. Scholars will have opportunities for mentorship and co-authoring; web-publishing their research; attending workshops/conferences developed by other Scholars and UBC Faculty; interacting with world-renowned Visiting Scholars, Practitioners and Activists; and expanding their professional networks.

Funding will be provided to support Scholar-initiated projects that advance the Institute’s mission. Scholars will have access to meeting rooms, conference facilities, staff support, and some logistical support (such as business cards) and are also eligible to compete for Liu Institute scholarships, such as the Olav Slaymaker Scholarship and the James and Setsuko Thurlow Scholarship in Peace and Disarmament Studies.

Only current UBC doctoral students are eligible for the Liu Scholar Program. The Institute is looking for a diversity of disciplinary approaches and topic interests, and encourages students from the natural sciences and humanities to apply, as well as those from the social sciences. Students can remain in the Liu Scholar Program for a maximum of 5 years or until graduation.

Please see the Liu Institute website for additional information and how to apply.

Current RES Liu Scholars

Emily Anderson
Sara Elder
Kieran Findlater
Simon Harding
Elaine Hsiao
Sarah Klain
Gerald Singh
Jordan Tam
Ivana Zelenika