MITACS Summer Graduate Student Intern: Coastal Community Access to Fisheries in Canada

Project: Coastal Community Access to Fisheries in Canada
Supervisors: Dr. Rashid Sumaila ( and Dr. Nathan Bennett (
Dates: Approx. May 1-August 30 (dates somewhat flexible)

Description: Coastal communities and fishermen in British Columbia are facing a suite of issues that
can challenge the continuity of the livelihoods of individual fishermen and influence community
development outcomes. Some of the challenges facing fishers in BC include changing markets, climate,
spatial competition, ecological and governance conditions. One significant and growing challenge that
has been identified in BC fisheries is access – which can be defined as the ability of fishers to use and
benefit from available fisheries resources. However, there are still significant gaps in our knowledge
about access issues in BC – including understanding the status, the drivers and the outcomes of access
issues. Lack of a comprehensive knowledge base about these issues can undermine our ability to make
informed programmatic decisions and policy recommendations to address access issues in BC fisheries.
This objective of this project is to develop and implement a quantitative survey of fishermen in coastal
British Columbia to help to fill these gaps in knowledge. We are hiring a MITACS graduate student
intern for the summer to travel to coastal communities in British Columbia to conduct the survey,
enter data and write reports. Salary and travel costs will be covered.

• Testing and finalizing social science survey
• Conducting a social science survey with fishermen in communities along the British Columbia
• Entering data into Excel spreadsheets
• Writing progress and final reports

Skills and Aptitudes:
• Ability and willingness to spend summer conducting research in the field
• Self-motivated and task oriented
• Excellent time management
• Ability to organize travel, logistics, and budgets
• Good communicator and social skills
• Use of Excel for data entry
• Analysis of survey results

• The applicant must be a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow at a Canadian university.

Application process: Please send CV and expression of interest to Nathan Bennett at as soon as possible. We will conduct an initial review of applications on Friday
April 12 after 3pm. If there are no suitable applicants in round 1, we will recirculate with an April 25
application deadline.

Please contact with any questions.