You’re Invited: Invitational Roundtable on Women & Climate Change

On behalf of the organizing team, Joanna Ashworth & I would like to invite you to a special Roundtable on Women & Climate Change:



Greater economic, infrastructure and employment and health disparities make women more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. And when given the opportunity to participate and influence policy and programs, they are also key agents of change for social, economic and environmental sustainability across sectors ranging from agriculture to governance to natural resources to energy. SFU’s Faculty of Environment is partnering with CityHive,, Women Transforming Cities, the Suzuki Elders and others to host this invitational roundtable. This roundtable will examine the barriers that currently exist for women’s (and other marginalized populations’) participation as well as the opportunities and actionable methods for greater participation and leadership in climate solutions. The organizing questions include: What would it look like if there was gender equity and fully inclusive participation in your sector to take action on climate change? What innovative methods of inclusion and participation would you scale up to address climate solutions?


We will convene leaders, researchers, and students from diverse sectors – universities, civic society, policy think tanks, government and funders – committed to intersectionality and innovation that takes into account the complex relationship between women and climate change. The aim is to share and mobilize knowledge about the participatory methods that foster women’s leadership in climate change solutions.


When: June 21 9:00-3:00pm

Where: Morris J Wosk Centre For Dialogue (580 W Hastings St, Vancouver)

RSVP: At this link by Friday, June 8