Workshop on Scientific Writing

A two day workshop on ‘Scientific Writing and Journal Articles’ for audiences interested in the field of Infrastructure, health and water, on June 12th as a part of IC-IMPACTS NCE and the Applied Science Office (at UBC).

IC-IMPACTS SEC Workshop Series on Scientific Communications is a 2-day workshop that aims to bring together students, faculty and specialist science writers. Scientific communication skills are key to success in academic life, and, based on student feedback, are some of the most difficult to master. This workshop aims to provide students with the resources and skills required for publishing journal articles, understanding the journal review process, and writing technical papers. The workshop will also focus on other key aspects of academic careers, including topics such as grant writing, critical thinking, intellectual property and social entrepreneurship. The workshop has a specific lens on the IC-IMPACTS research themes of infrastructure, health and water. After this workshop, a final deliverable of writing a short communication for award competitions (provincial and national level), and completion certificate is required.

Poster – Scientific Writing