Aug 9-10th, 2018 Place-Based Food Systems Conference

May 31 2018


**Early bird registration deadline is: May 31st**


Place-Based Food Systems 2018: Making the Case, Making It Happen

Metro Vancouver, August 9-10th, 2018


This two-day conference is drawing together academics and community leaders to share the latest research and actions on building capacity for and empowering, place- based food systems.Participants will leave fortified with knowledge and understanding of the latest and best work making the case for place-based food systems,as well as innovative practices putting place-based food systems to into action.  The event aims to give participants an empowering vision of the critical role that place-based food systems can and will play in achieving our sustainable economic,ecological, and societal futures,as well as are vitalized dedication to strategic,collaborative, and forceful strategies moving forward.Visit for details.


There are significant discounts offered for early bird registration. Early bird registration closes May 31st. Visit the conference website for more information and to register: 


Keynote presentations: 9 keynote addresses from globally recognized food systems experts will open morning and afternoon sessions.


Keynote speakers:

Wes Jackson, The Land Institute, Salina, KS

Charlotte Coté​, University of Washington

Eric-Holt Giménez, Food First, Oakland, CA

Molly Anderson, Middlebury College, VA

William Rees, University of British Columbia, BC

Pauline Terbasket, Okanagan Nation Alliance, BC

Kimberley Hodgson, Cultivating Healthy Places, BC

Gail Feenstra, UC Davis, CA

John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri, MO

Individual presentations: Over 50 presentations from researchers, NGOs, community practitioners, local governments, educators and more will address the latest research and practice advancing place-based food systems.

Panels: 4 panels will explore pressing place-based food systems topics from multiple perspectives in longer session formats. Topics include strengthening local seafood supply chains, the impact of food policy councils, agroecological possibilities in the Pacific Northwest and place-based food systems in China.

Project showcase:  A poster display will highlight projects and programs taking place across North America and abroad. The project showcase program will be posted shortly.