May 24 2018: Graduate Career Exploration Series- Careers in Not for Profits

Graduate Career Exploration Series: Careers in Not for Profit Organizations

Thursday, May 24, 5:30-7:00 pm
Location: Centre for Student Involvement and Careers – Brock Hall – 1874 East Mall

Designed for graduate students, this panel is intended to share the stories of individuals who have successfully built careers beyond graduate school. Our speakers will discuss why they chose to pursue a career in not-for-profits, what skills have helped them to be successful, and what they would recommend to graduate students looking to work in this field.

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The Panelists:

–   Ulduz Maschaykh, Research and Education Specialist at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden (PhD, Art & Architecture History)
–   Lindsay Nielsen, Facilitator & Advisor, YWCA, Metro Vancouver (MA, English & Cultural Studies)
–   Ryan Voon, Community Manager, Student Energy (Master of Engineering Leadership, Clean Energy Engineering)
–   Karl Tegenfeldt, Manager of Affordable Housing Services at The Bloom Group (Masters of Social Work)
–   Michael Anhorn, Executive Director at Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser Branch (Masters of Planning)


Photo Credit: Liv Turner from flickr/ Creative Commons