Professional Programs: Primer on Aboriginal Law | Renewable Energy Transition Strategies

February 22 2018

Innovative | Evidence – Based | Timely
Environmental professionals working in all levels of government, the private sector and non-profit organizations are finding their way to our innovative and evidence-based programs — in person and online.

I have heard from adventure tourism operators, environmental consultants and others that they want to know more about Aboriginal law and policy, particularly the ‘duty to consult’. We are delivering a very timely workshop in March on this theme. You will not want to miss this if you work in the resource sector including mining, forestry, renewable energy and/or tourism.

Cities across Canada and the US are in the midst of massive change when it comes to transitioning to renewable energy sources. We have an online course that provides a primer to understanding the range of policies, regulations and partnerships needed for cities to succeed. Registration in now open for Fall 2018. This is what past students have to say about the course:

It’s cutting-edge, with the top instructors in a somewhat niche field in Canada. And the reading materials presented were well curated.
– NGO Utilities

Excellent for understanding basics of energy infrastructure, governance, funding and other implementation issues.
– Energy Consultant

The [on-line] format is perfect for someone with a full time career, looking to better understand how they can navigate their community towards RE.
– Environmental NGO Leader

Please join us for these upcoming programs. I look forward to welcoming you.

Dr. Joanna Ashworth

Director of Professional Programs and Partnerships
Faculty of Environment
Simon Fraser University

Successful Resource Projects: A Primer on the Latest Developments in Aboriginal Law and Policy
Instructor: Stephanie Axmann, Counsel at McCarthy Tétrault

Thursday, March 15, 2018

10:00am – 1:30pm, includes a working lunch
SFU Vancouver Campus
$225 + GST

This workshop is for those considering a business partnership with an indigenous group and those who are interested in improving their understanding of what it takes to mount a successful project where Aboriginal rights and interests are engaged.

This interactive seminar and working lunch will focus on the most recent legal and policy developments in Aboriginal law in Canada, including: the Crown’s duty to consult and Aboriginal rights and title; the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the meaning of free, prior and informed consent; changes in provincial and federal law and regulations in relation to Indigenous involvement and participation; and business arrangements with Indigenous groups.

You will leave this session with a solid understanding of the latest legal underpinnings of resource development in Canada, as well as practical knowledge and strategies for developing relationships with Indigenous groups, addressing challenges, and advancing successful projects.

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Renewable Energy Transition Strategies: Practical Innovations for Urban Areas
Instructors: Betsy Agar, Keane Gruending, Kathryn Sheps, special guest experts.

Online course begins September 14th.
$375 + GST

It is a time of great transition in our energy systems with cities and local governments at the forefront of this movement. Urban areas around the world are acting on strategies to move from dependence on fossil fuels to clean energy sources. City leaders and policy makers suggest that the reasons for making the transition are as diverse as the cities themselves: energy independence; economic opportunities; reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; and/or healthier environments. And the pathways they are taking are equally diverse and include a range of policies, regulations and partnerships. Cities share a willingness to learn from each other about the building blocks for a comprehensive transition strategy.

This 36-hour online course over a 13-week period is a primer on the foundational first actions cities are taking to pursue their targets and draws on the rich experiences of cities from North America and Europe who are on the leading pathways to100% renewable energy. Their learning journeys are the inspiration for this course and conjoined with extensive academic and professional research literature review.

This online course is now open for registration. 

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Dean’s Lecture Series
You are welcome to join us for a talk and discussion about the sustainability of forests in BC presented by Herb Hammond, a forest ecologist and forester with Silva Ecosystem Consultants. Moderated by Dr. Sean Markey, Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU.

Dr. Ken Lertzman and Dr. Evelyn Pinkerton, also with the School or Resource and Environmental Management, will respond to the presentation.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018; 7:00pm – 9:00pm
SFU Harbour Centre, Room 1400
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver