Contract Opportunity with DFO

Feb 8 2018


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is seeking individuals for short term contracts (mid-February to March 31, 2018) to prepare existing marine spatial data sets describing Canada’s Pacific coast in anticipation of broad distribution under Canada’s Open Data mandate.

The spatial data have been organized into four themes (Bathymetry, Marine Features, Management Boundaries, and Oceanography) to take advantage of applicants with different skill sets and interests. Tasks include 1) Verification of the data and attributes; 2) Documentation of the known and potential uses of the data by both Science and Management; and 3) Standardized packaging and documentation including the collection of any relevant reports on data preparation or application, and a complete, metadata file. Successful applicants will be supported in these tasks by an appropriate DFO Scientific Authority.

Qualifications include experience with spatial data and ArcGIS, an understanding of spatial metadata, and an interest in how marine spatial data are used for marine science and spatial planning. For more information or to apply please contact Dr. Edward Gregr (