January 12 2018 Friday: Centre for Food, Resource and Environmental Economics (CFREE) Seminar Speaker: B. Kelsey Jack

On Friday we are hosting B. Kelsey Jack from Tufts (https://sites.tufts.edu/kjack/). Kelsey works on the intersection of environment and development economics. She will present her paper titled: “Charging ahead: Prepaid electricity metering in South Africa.” A pdf version of the paper is attached here.

Her seminar is scheduled for 3:30 PM, Friday January 12th. It will be held at room 160, at the MacMillan Building, 2357 Main Mall, UBC.


If any one is interested in meeting Kelsey, or going to lunch or dinner with her please contact Sumeet Gulati at sumeet.gulati@ubc.ca. We will schedule her meetings away from MacMillan before lunch and keep her at MacMillan after lunch.