February 16, 2018: IOF seminar – Reshaping societal expectations: Four reasons why mature economies should converge on zero economic growth

Reshaping societal expectations: Four reasons why mature economies should converge on zero economic growth

Friday, February 16, 2018

11:00 am

AERL Theatre (Rm. 120)

The fundamental principle of economic growth is the central paradigm of western society and economics, and is rarely questioned outside of academic circles. In this presentation Dr. Rosenfeld will consider the elements that may constrain economic growth as societies mature. Starting with a framework in basic organismal physiology, he will consider parallels between how investment in growth vs. maintenance costs shift through ontogeny of individual organisms and by analogy economies, as well as additional environmental and social factors that may constrain mature economies to converge on zero economic growth as they mature.

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Speaker:  Dr. Jordan Rosenfeld

Aquatic Scientist, Applied Freshwater Ecology Research Unit


Jordan Rosenfeld is a Stream Ecology Scientist with the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment based out of UBC. He did his M.Sc. degree at the University of Guelph studying primary production and energy flow in forested streams, and a Ph.D. at UBC studying fish predation effects on benthic invertebrate community structure in coastal streams.  He currently does a variety of work related to management of freshwater habitats, including the effects of stream habitat structure on productive capacity for juvenile salmonids, stream restoration, modelling drift-foraging bioenergetics of salmonids, assessing critical habitat of freshwater fish species and risk, and instream flow modelling.



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