Food related graduate research opportunities at Waterloo, Dalhousie and UBC-O

Funded Graduate Opportunities
SSHRC Project
Canadians’ Food Choices:
From individual behaviours to global environmental change
Do you want to work with a multi-disciplinary research team for your graduate studies?
We are a cross-Canada team in the fields of industrial ecology, ecological economics, marketing/behavioral change, engineering, food environments, planning, and nutrition.

Dr. Goretty Dias (Principal Investigator) SEED, University of Waterloo
Dr. Peter Tyedmers (Co-PI), SRES, Dalhousie University
Dr. Komal Habib (Co-PI), SEED, University of Waterloo
Dr. Jennifer Lynes (Co-PI), SEED, University of Waterloo
Dr. Simron Singh (Co-PI), SEED, University of Waterloo
Dr. Sharon Kirkpatrick (Collaborator), School of Public Health and Health Systems, U. Waterloo
Dr. Leia Minaker (Collaborator), School of Planning, University of Waterloo
Dr. Nathan Pelletier (Collaborator), Joint appointment in the Faculties of Arts and Sciences (Biology) and Management at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan
Dr. Julian Cleary (Collaborator), Adjunct Professor, SEED, University of Waterloo
Find out more about our research in the links provided in the descriptions below.
Are you interested in the breadth and complexity of food systems and questions of sustainable nutritional/ food security, and sustainable consumption and behaviour?

Our projects, described below, cover:
 Life cycle assessment and material flow analysis of dietary pattern/ choices
 Scenario analysis of future food consumption and impacts
 Food waste at the local and regional level
 Time use of Canadians at the household level and how it affects food choices and flows
 Canadian dietary patterns and food consumption behaviours
 Life cycle database development
Do you want your research to have impact?
We will have workshops and/or symposiums to educate and learn from various agencies and the public. We are collaborating with various:
 Industry Associations/ Businesses
 NGOs
 Government

Below you will find descriptions of current grad student funding opportunities related to our research project. In addition, strong prospective students with related interests in food systems sustainability should get in touch with one or more of the project team to discuss their project ideas and other ways their graduate student research might be supported.

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