Call for Applications–UBC Sustainability Scholars Internship Opportunity

November 29 2017

The UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) has a paid internship opportunity available starting January 3, 2018. Current UBC graduate students from all academic disciplines are eligible to apply.

Further information on the project can be found on the USI Student Opportunities web page. Applications close at midnight Wednesday December 13, 2017.

Research project title
Developing a Student Engagement Plan for a Healthy Beverage Initiative at UBC

Goal or Operations Plan objective
UBC Wellbeing is a collaborative effort to make the University a better place to live, work, and learn through a systems-wide approach to health promotion, wellbeing, and sustainability across our campuses. The UBC Food & Nutrition Working Group, a priority area of UBC Wellbeing, is proposing that UBC support a Healthy Beverage Initiative (HBI) to promote tap water consumption and limit the sales of sugar-sweetened beverages at UBC. This would have a profound impact by improving the short- and long-term health and wellbeing of our community members and by potentially encouraging other institutions to implement similar initiatives.

Long-term goal: UBC community members choose to drink tap water most often and choose to limit the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.
Outline scope of project and why it is of value to your organization. Describe how and when the scholar’s work will be actionable.

The scholar will:
 Help design and execute an HBI engagement and consultation process for UBC students and other important stakeholder groups.
 Review best practices developed and challenges faced by other campuses, school districts, and municipalities that have implemented HBIs. This will inform our messaging and approach.
 Conduct a literature review of some of the most relevant research to support key elements of the HBI.

 A final report containing a summary of completed work with recommendations, complemented by a final presentation to key stakeholders.
 A summary of HBI approaches from other campuses, particularly those related to student engagement, as well as worldwide best practices.
 An executive summary for the UBC Sustainability Scholars online project library.

Time Commitment
 This project will take 200 hours to complete.
 This project must be completed between January 3 and April 30, 2018

Skill set/background required/preferred
☐ Excellent research and writing skills.
☐ Demonstrated interest in Health and Wellbeing Promotion
☐ Experience conducting stakeholder engagement events (including facilitation skills) is an asset
☐ Strong report writing and analytical skills
☐ Familiarity with behaviour change theories a plus
☐ A background in food and nutrition a plus
☐ Community engagement experience preferred
☐ Ability to work independently
☐ Deadline oriented
☐ Strong project management and organizational skills


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