India Forestry Field School – Global Seminar Information Sessions

November 15 2017

India: International Conservation and Forest Resource Management Field School

Coursework: CONS 453 (6 credits)


In this course, students will examine the complex system of tropical dry forest ecology and management,

livelihoods, non-timber forest products, wildlife management and conservation in India. Interactions with

local practitioners and people living on the landscape will provide an opportunity to learn about the history

and future the most diverse set of ecosystems in the world, existing under the pressures of one of the most

densely populated countries in the world. Students will be required to develop a wide range of skills, from

performing measurements on forest ecosystems to interviewing for the purposes of gathering data.

Accommodations will be dormitory-style or shared rooms, with private washroom provided in some locations.

Access to indoor plumbing and electricity may not be available at some field sites.


Information session

When:  Friday, November 17th

Time:    12 – 1 pm

Where:  Forestry 1222


When:  Thursday, November 23rd

Time:    12 – 1pm

Where:  Forestry 1222