Free Statistical Consultation for Graduate Students and Post-docs

November 15 2017

The UBC Statistics Department offers several types of free statistical consultation, via SOS, STAT 551 and STAT 450/550, as follows.

–  SOS (Statistical Opportunity for Students):  accepted year-round, UBC-V graduate students only, via a team of a senior Statistical consultant and a Statistics graduate student

–  STAT 551:  accepted for consulting in Term 1 only,  open to anyone, via students in STAT 551 mentored by faculty; may be possible to still squeeze into term 1 2017-18

– STAT 450/550:  accepted for analysis in Term 2 only, open to anyone, via students in STAT 450/STAT 550 mentored by faculty;  accepting projects for term 2 2017-18 from Nov 9 – Jan 15

For more information, please see: