Funding for grad studies in agricultural resilience & sustainability

October 26 2017

Funding is available for a MS or PhD student to study agricultural resilience and sustainability in the face of future climate change in the Department of Environment and Society at Utah State University. Possible projects include data-driven identification of resilient agroecosystems, spatiotemporal modeling of agricultural responses to water scarcity, and case studies in high/low resilience agricultural regions.  The successful candidate will have a background in geography, agricultural sciences, economics, engineering, computer science, or a related field.  Qualifications also include a background in statistics, GIS, and programming.  Students will have the opportunity to receive a degree in Geography (MS), Environment and
Society (MS or PhD), or Ecology (MS or PhD).  The position will start in August 2018, though students interested in an earlier start date should contact Dr. Burchfield.  Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV, GPA, GRE scores, and a statement of their interest in the position and relevant education and experiences to Dr. Emily Burchfield at  Inquiries via email are welcome.