FSWEP Opportunity with NRCan [temporary student position(s) for Dec – Mar]

I am looking to hire 2-3 graduate students (currently enrolled) with strong data and analytical backgrounds for part-timeFSWEP positions with NRCan. The job is to help with database development around forest sector supply chain, carbon pricing regimes in Canada, and/or emission factors of various forest-sector manufacturing processes.

Ideally candidates would be available to work 15 hrs/w for 14 weeks between Dec 2017 and Mar 2018. Location will be at UBC/forest sciences building.

I would appreciate circulating among your research lab. Interested individuals may contact me directly.


Saeed Ghafghazi, PhD

Senior Economist – Canadian Forest Service

Natural Resources Canada / Government of Canada

saeed.ghafghazi@canada.ca / Tel: (604) 367-5830