Tri-Agency / Affiliated Doctoral Competitions

September 12 2017


UBC Affiliated Fellowships:

The UBC Affiliated Fellowships doctoral competition runs in concert with the university-adjudicated NSERC and SSHRC CGS doctoral competitions. Students who submit an NSERC or SSHRC application to their graduate program are eligible for open Affiliated Fellowships and do not need to submit a separate Affiliated Fellowships application. (To be considered for criteria-based affiliated fellowship(s), students should submit this checklist ( with their NSERC or SSHRC application to their graduate program.) Those applying only for Vanier CGS or CIHR Doctoral Research Award must submit a separate and complete Affiliated Fellowships application in order to be considered.

Updated competition information and application/reference forms are available at:


SSHRC and NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral (CGS D):

Applicants applying through UBC will either be:

  • currently registered at (or were registered at during the year of application), or are on an approved leave of absence from, a degree program at UBC
  • not currently registered at UBC; or are registered, but not in a degree program; and have completed all of the requirements for a degree program from UBC since 1 January 2017

Both agencies have application forms and instructions online. Please see their websites for further information:


G+PS SSHRC page:


G+PS NSERC page:


Important instructions for NSERC applicants: 

Please DO NOT “submit” your online NSERC application for September 25th.  This is because once you click “submit”, no changes can be made to your application.

Instead, please select preview and save as a PDF, and then send your completed UNSUBMITTED pdf application to the IRES graduate office by the IRES internal deadline (Monday September 25, 2017 4pm). Our graduate office will check all NSERC applications for completeness and let applicants them know when they can submit their application online (by October 13th).


CIHR Doctoral Research Award:

Details for this funding opportunity are available on ResearchNet:

Institutional e-Approval for CIHR Doctoral Research Award is obtained from the Office of Research Services (ORS). Detailed requirements and e-submission procedures are available online at:

UBC (ORS) deadline: 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

CIHR (ResearchNet) deadline: 5 p.m. (Vancouver time) on Tuesday, 3 October 2017.