Seeking Mentors, REX program, UBC

August 17, 2017

We are currently looking for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are interested in committing a minimum of 3 hours each month to act as a mentor. It is a great opportunity for graduate students to gain mentorship, leadership, and management skills.  Furthermore, the REX program assists mentors on the lookout for promising students to take into their lab through direct evaluation for 6 months (October to March).

As a REX mentor, your role is to guide undergraduate mentees with your education and research experience. Mentors work with 2-4 undergraduate students (or more if you are comfortable) on a research question which can be assigned by the mentor or chosen collaboratively by mentees. Throughout REX, mentors will supervise and provide feedback on the mentees’ research project which includes writing a proposal or abstract, and creating the final research report. Time commitment ranges from 3-6 hours per month.

If interested, please sign up for a REX mentor information session (August 23 or August 24) by clicking here.

Further information can be found in our REX Mentor Brochure and REX timeline.