October 26, 2017: IRES Professional Development Seminar
Speakers: Alaya Boisvert, Ann Rowan, David Boyd, Adriane Carr
Environmental Policy and Government Relations Panel Discussion

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30pm to 1:30pm (every Thursday)

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall


Environmental Policy and Government Relations Panel Discussion

Abstract: Environmental policies are crafted by governments, but influenced by stakeholders and lobbyists. In this seminar we will talk to a panel of people outside of academia, in both governmental and government relations roles, to learn about what it’s like to build environmental policies from inside and outside the government.

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Speaker Bios:

Alaya Boisvert joined the David Suzuki Foundation in 2013 to campaign for the right to a healthy environment. As the manager of government relations for the Blue Dot project, she worked towards federal recognition of the right to clean air and water, safe food and a stable climate. Alaya now works as the public engagement manager with the aim of empowering people.

David Boyd is the newest faculty member at IRES. He is an environmental lawyer and an expert on human rights and the environment. He has co-chaired Vancouver’s Greenest City initiative, worked in the Privy Council Office, and consulted with the Federal government on a variety law reform efforts.

Ann Rowan is a manager for Collaboration Initiatives at Metro Vancouver where she is involved in the Ecological Health Plan, the Regional Food System Strategy and other initiatives related to waste prevention, regional prosperity and regional climate action. Ann came to Metro Vancouver from the David Suzuki Foundation.

Adriane Carr is a Vancouver City Councilor with the Green Party. She co-founded B.C.’s green party in 1983, and served as its leader from 2000-2006. She served as Elizabeth May’s deputy in the federal Green Party from 2006-2014. She has an academic background in urban geography and taught for 12 years at Langara College.


This seminar will not be filmed. 

Photo credit: marcostetter from flickr/ Creative Commons