The 2017 Coastal Ocean Awards nomination deadline is Monday November 21

November 10, 2016

This is a reminder that nominations for the 2017 Coastal Ocean Awards are due by the end of day on Monday November 21st, 2016.

On behalf of the Coastal Ocean Research Institute and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, I invite you to honour a person or project that you admire by nominating them for a 2017 Coastal Ocean Award. Recipients are honoured for their invaluable contributions to understanding, conserving, and communicating the irreplaceable coastal ocean ecosystems of western Canada and the diverse species that inhabit them.


Awards include:

Murray A. Newman Conservation Action Award: for highly significant recent work and/or an entire career of important, field-leading contributions in Coastal Ocean Conservation.

Murray A. Newman Conservation Research Award: for highly significant recent work and/or an entire career of important, field-leading contributions in Coastal Ocean Research.


The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre created the Murray A. Newman Awards in 1995 to mark the retirement of its founding director, Dr. Murray A. Newman. Throughout his 37 year career at the Vancouver Aquarium, Dr. Newman was a strong advocate for coastal ocean research and conservation. 


Michael A. Bigg Award: for highly significant student research advancing knowledge related to Coastal Oceans.


Instituted in 2007, the Michael A. Bigg Award celebrates the life and scientific achievements of pioneering killer whale researcher Dr. Michael Bigg (1939-1990).


Conservation and Research Communication Award: for highly significant recent work and/or an entire career of important contributions in media, journalism, and digital communications related to Coastal Oceans.


Conservation Volunteer: for highly significant recent or long-standing volunteer contributions related to Coastal Oceans.


Innovative Use of Technology: for a research or conservation project where technology has played a pivotal role in advancing knowledge or conservation of Coastal Oceans.


Transformative Project: for a Coastal Ocean research or conservation project that has generated significant results related to one or more of the following: relationships between groups, conservation impact, awareness and education, and/or advancing knowledge.


The Awards can recognize highly significant recent work, an entire career of important, field-leading contributions, or both. We therefore welcome nominations of both recognized leaders and individuals in the early stages of promising research, conservation, or communications careers.  The Awards give priority to aquatic-related work conducted in British Columbia; however, B.C. residents involved in conservation and research efforts elsewhere are also eligible.


Please note that while Vancouver Aquarium and Coastal Ocean Research Institute staff researchers are not eligible for any of the awards, Vancouver Aquarium Research Associates may be nominated given that they are sufficiently arms-length from the institution.



For all award nominations, please send us a letter or email including:

1) The name of the person or project being nominated and contact information.

2) The award for which the person/project is being nominated.

3) A brief summary of the nominee’s achievements and impacts.

4) A letter of support and at least one additional reference or letter.

5) Additional relevant material (such as a CV, publication list, web-link, project report, etc.).


Celebrating achievements is a great way to advance conservation and research in our beautiful coastal oceans.   Please forward this email to your colleagues, and I have attached posters for those of you who can place in a suitable public bulletin board.  Most importantly, please consider honouring a person or project through your nomination.


More information


Please note that nominations submitted in the previous three years for the Coastal Ocean Awards will automatically be reconsidered for the 2017 awards, but we encourage the submission of updates before the nomination deadline.


Awards will be presented in late February 2017 at a celebration event. Recipients must attend the event to receive their awards.



Please email nomination letters and materials by the end of the day, Monday November 21st, 2016 to or mail them to her attention at PO Box 3232, Vancouver, BC, V6B 3X8.  Please phone Bailey Eagan at 604 659 3429 if you have any questions.


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