January 23 to February 3, 2017 – Invitation to Sustainability in an Imaginary World

What if our environmental crisis is as much a failure of our imagination as it is a moment of reckoning with the material consequences of modernity? What would technologically mediated public engagement with sustainability look like, if instead of discussing gallons of fuel or water consumed, carbon dioxide parts-per-million, or dollars spent and saved, we collectively explored visions of possible futures?

Sustainability in an Imaginary World is an innovative multimedia digital/theatrical installation designed to carry you into an unique conversation around the challenges of a sustainable world. Featuring immersive audio, interactive video projections, and fully designed theatre sets, this experience is the result of a collaboration between some of Vancouver’s top theatre and digital artists. Developed in partnership with researchers at UBC, it takes the urgent matter of planetary sustainability and translates it into a rich aesthetic encounter where, ultimately, you must author the ending of your own encounter.

Join us for this free interactive experience at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability on UBC campus
January 23 to February 3.  More info and register here.


Photo credit: John McSporran from flickr/Creative Commons