March 9, 2017: Nature Vancouver Marine Biology Section: Exploring Indonesian Seas

Thursday March 9, 2017 7:30 PM

Unitarian Hewett Centre – 949 49th Ave W. 49th  Avenue at Oak St, Vancouver

The Coral Triangle is a geographic term that includes a variety of marine environments surrounding the Philippines, Malaysia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Indonesia, and is recognized as “the global centre of marine biodiversity” (Wikipedia). Two small areas of Indonesia, Raja Ampat and Bali, were visited by Jennifer and her travelling companions. The Raja Ampat Islands are remote, located off the Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papau, New Guinea. The northwestern area of these islands presented an enormous variety of species over massive reef systems, a small portion of which were explored and photographed. The second area, Bali, is a well known and centrally located island with a unique culture. Bali revealed different habitats and species from those already explored in Raja. Many wonderful images were recorded by the divers on this expedition, both land and sea. Please join us for an exploration of Indonesia from the perspective of Jennifer and her diving companions.

Photo credit: Ratha Grimes from flickr/Creative Commons