September 21 to 23, 2016: Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum

August 5, 2016

Forum location: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Application deadline: September 1, 2016

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Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum

The Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy is joining forces with the Yale Office of International Affairs to launch the first ever Yale Sustainability Leadership Forum, September 21 – 23.

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Directed by Dan Esty, the Forum is a three-day program exploring sustainability as an overarching framework for life in the 21st Century. An integrated policy concept, sustainability diverges from approaches to environmental protection and economic development that were pursued in the 20th century. The program focuses specifically on the mega-trends distinguishing sustainability from its 20th Century precursors.

Team-taught, the Forum will be organized around modules that each provide in-depth topical study, and will bring together a diverse set of thought leaders, industry practitioners, policy experts, and scholars working on the leading edge of sustainability.


The applicants to the Forum thus far have been exceedingly diverse in their professional expertise, geographic focus, and sustainability agendas. So far we have received applications from:


·         Brazil

·         Mexico

·         India

·         Canada

·         Uganda

·         The Philippines



·         England

·         Qatar

·         South Africa

·         New Zealand

·         …and all across the USA



This geographic diversity will undoubtedly bring a global perspective to the Forum that will enrich the experience and the educational take-aways.

From a professional perspective, we are also thrilled to report that accepted applicants thus far wield a wide range of skill-sets and expertise within the environmental field. In addition to state and federal policymakers, we also have accepted supply chain managers, sustainability professors, non-profit founders, directors and communication associates, principals of sustainability consultancies and venture capital firms, practicing attorneys, environmental scientists, and elected officials.

Reading through the statements of interest has further underlined the growing need for a cross-sectoral examination of sustainability mega-trends in the 21st century.

Our general application deadline is September 1st.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have about the schedulefaculty, module content, logistics, or application process.


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Photo credit: Lisa Westerhoff