December 1, 2015: Professional Development Seminar
Robin Gregory, Michael Harstone & Andrea Kennedy
Consultant Panel (Last seminar for Term 1)

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:30 pm

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall

Entering the workforce P1: A consultant’s journey

Abstract: In this seminar, three consultants and UBC alumni share their experiences of entering the world of environmental consulting. The panel will offer their insights on the skills and experiences that have assisted them in their careers, on what a career in consulting entails, and on the range of consulting opportunities available to young professionals. The panel will discuss challenges and strategies for growing a client base, the relationship between research and consulting, and career pathways in consulting.


This seminar will be panel of Environmental Consultants:


Dr. Robin Gregory, Senior Researcher at Decision Research, Director of Value Scope Research, Adjunct Professor at IRES.

Robin leads research projects and workshops for government, industry, and First Nations on structured decision making, risk management, the conduct of deliberative groups, and techniques for eliciting preferences and addressing trade-offs. Robin has a PhD in economics, psychology, and ecology from UBC.



Michael Harstone, Principal, Compass Resource Management.

Michael is a decision analyst, planner and facilitator with 20+ years  experience in natural resources management and planning initiatives. He is a practitioner in structured decision making, involving complex multi-party resource management. Michael has a MSc in Environmental Resources Planning and a BASc in Civil Engineering from UBC.



Dr. Andrea Kennedy, Senior Partner, Bridgeway Consulting.

Andrea is a resource planning and consultation specialist, providing professional consultation and negotiation services related to land stewardship, project management, and Indigenous affairs in the resource sector. Andrea has a PhD in Resource Management and First Nations Studies from UBC.


Panel Facilitator: Steve Williams, PhD Student, IRES.


There is no video available for this seminar.