November 25, 2014: Guest Lecture
Robin Gregory

IRES Seminar Series

Time: 12:30-1:20 pm

Location: AERL Theatre (room 120), 2202 Main Mall

This is the last IRES Seminar Series seminar for Term 1. The first IRES Seminar Series seminar in Term 2 will be on Jan 13, 2015.


10 Things Not to Like About How BC and Canada Make Energy Development Decisions

Robin_GregoryAbstract: Decisions about the development of energy resources in BC and Canada are some of the most important and controversial choices facing citizens, industry, and elected officials. In light of this significance it is surprising to learn that neither our province nor our federal government have comprehensive energy development strategies, and it is troubling to learn that project evaluations routinely violate recognized methodological standards, ignore relevant legislation, and omit basic information.  This talk focuses on 10 important areas in which current impact assessments of energy developments are deficient and suggests ways in which significant improvements easily could be made by following widely accepted procedures of analysis and consultation.

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